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Anita Hardon

Anita Hardon is Full Professor in the Anthropology department at the University of Amsterdam, former Scientific Director for the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), and current invited fellow of the Netherlands Royal Academy of Science (KNAW). She was PI of the ERC Advanced Grant ChemicalYouth project within which Emilia Sanabria was able to conceptualize and develop the Healing Encounters project. Anita Hardon has had visiting professorships from universities around the world and prestigious awards recognizing her contribution to the field of healthcare, global health, and sexual and reproductive health. She has researched new reproductive technologies, immunization, AIDS medicines, self-care in field sites such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Uganda, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Her research has generated ethnographic insights on the appropriation of technologies in diverse social-cultural settings, their efficacy in everyday life, the role of social movements in their design, and the dynamics of care and policy-making in their provision. She makes communicating research findings to patient advocates, policy-makers, and public health researchers and practitioners a priority. Her publications include a key text in medical anthropology: The Social Lives of Medicines (Cambridge University Press, 2003 with Whyte and Van der Geest) and a wide range of articles in biomedical and health policy journals.