Aniara Rodado

Aniara Rodado

Aniara Rodado is a Colombian choreographer, artist and researcher completing her PhD dissertation in science and performative studies at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. Aniara’s thesis explores witchcraft and interspecific relationships with the plant world from a transfeminist perspective. As a choreographer, her practice seeks to go beyond dance and beyond the human body. It questions the fetishization of all things techno-scientific in the context of the ecological crisis, including the tendency to standardize life at all scales, affecting bodies, their alliances and the very possibility of knowledge. Her performances, installations, texts, videos, dance pieces, and drawings are all created under open source with a preference for old or low tech forms and domestique DIY bricolage.

In the last two years, her work has been presented at the Click Helsingor Festival, National Museum of Denmark ZKM, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Culture Center Contemporary Andalusia, Centro de Cultura Digital and National Arts Center CDMX-Méxique, Festival Un-Split Munich, CitéInternational des Arts de Paris, Emmetrope, Bourges where she was commissioner of the exhibit Ou/Vert Phytophilie, Chlorophobie & Savoirs Situés.  In 2010 she won the prize for Creation Dance and New Technologies at theFestival Les Bains Numériques. 

Aniara Rodado shares with the Healing Encounters team a deep curiosity for how to think with plants, and a commitment to decolonial, feminist and multiscalar methodologies.


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